Events over the Next Few Months

From Scoutmaster Powell:
1) Saturday, April 12 – Cooking MB Class: Scouts in Mr. Hall’s Cooking MB class will be having the Outdoor Cooking portion of the MB at Oak Mtn State Park (Scouts wear your scout uniform for free entry to the park):
a) 12:00 Trail hike and cooking – Those needing the trail hiking cooking requirement meet Mr. Powell at 12:00 noon at the Parking lot across from the playfield at the end of Terrace Drive (just before the Peavine Falls road). This is in the Double Oak Mtn Lake area past the Marina and park HQ, near the pavilion area. Scouts are responsible to bring: a backpack, water, hiking clothing and boots, stove, fuel, their two meals plus one snack. Scouts can share a stove if necessary. Scouts, read the MB requirements. You must bring 1 snack and you must prepare 2 meals. At least 1 of the 2 meals must be cooked. We will cook over stoves (no fires). Also, no Mountain House meals or any meals where you only add water are permitted. You can bring dehydrated ingredients but you must have more than one ingredient. Mr. Hall has previously covered this in your class. One meal can be a breakfast.
b) 2:00 Outdoor cooking – All those in the class meet Mr. Hall at 2:00pm at Honeysuckle Pavilion (it is in the same general area where the 12pm group will meet Mr. Powell). Those doing the trail hike and cooking will be finished by 2pm in time to start the 2pm session with Mr. Hall. You have previously prepared menus and shopping lists for the meals. Mr. Hall is purchasing the food and you will need to bring $10 each to cover the cost of this food. You will be grilling, stove cooking, campfire cooking and Dutch oven cooking. If you have a Dutch oven, please bring it with you. Each one of you will be cooking! Later in the afternoon between 4:45 and 5:00pm you will feast on what you’ve prepared.
2) Sunday, April 13, 2:30pm – Eagle Court of Honor: For Garon McGuire at Episcopal Church of the Ascension
3) Fri-Sun, April 25-27 – April trip: We are going to Chickamauga Civil War Battlefield near Chattanooga. We had previously planned a climbing trip but our climbing guides could not be available on our planned dates. This year, Easter falls on our usual third weekend for trips and so we had to find another time. Last Tuesday night we had discussed possibly doing the trip on May 2-4, but we have many Scouts who have a High School and Jr. High Band event that weekend and so we have settled on the April 25th weekend. An online sign-up sheet is at the following link:
4) Tuesday, April 29, 6:30pm – Sea Base meeting: For Scouts going to Sea Base in May and their parents. We will be less than one month away from the Sea Base trip and this will be an important briefing.
5) Tuesday, April 29, 7:30pm – Order of the Arrow elections: We need at least 50% of the troop to be present in order to have the election. Please make sure you come for this important election.
6) Tuesday, May 6th, 7:30 – Scout Physicals (tentative)
7) Saturday, May 10 – BSA Swim test: At General Holle’s house starting at 9am. Those going to Sea Base or Summer Camp must pass this test prior to those trips. Any scouts participating in any other water-outing (ex: Canoeing or Water Sports/Lake) must also pass the swim test.
8) Tuesday, June 10 – Troop POR elections: Sign-up sheets will be available the two weeks prior to the election
9) June 15-21 – Summer Camp: Manyhave signed up for Summer camp, but there are others who still need to sign up. Please do this NOW!! Let Mr. Etherington know your Merit Badge selection. If you are an older scout, still come and participate. Coming to Summer Camp gives you two (2) trip credits for participation. Knock out those final few MBs, or, if you have all or most of your MBs for Eagle, you can still come out and take it a little easier, participate in some of the older boy activities and have fun with the troop. BSA Lifeguard is another fun thing for older Scouts to do. Give your parents a break for a week!
10) Meeting plans: Finally, last Tuesday our Patrols worked with our SPL and ASPL and planned the meetings for the next three months. Below is the schedule. If Patrol Leaders have any questions or need assistance, please contact Andrew Dunlap or Jared Rocha. Parents, please give this to your scout, especially if he is a patrol leader. Patrol Leaders are: Ben Moore-Blue Beavers, Luther Ward-Dragons, Scott Landers-Flying Eagles, Paul Tierney-Rattlesnakes, Cody Crossland-Roadrunners, & William Heidepriem-Scorpions)
April 15 – Flying Eagles: Lashing Skills teaching capped off by flagpole lashing contest
April 22 – Dragons: Camping & backpacking gear, What to bring for backpacking vs. car camping. What is not needed. Preparing for Chickamauga trip.
April 29 – Rattlesnakes: OA Elections then Geocaching
May 6 – Scout Physicals (tentative)
May 13 – Scorpions: Camp stove cooking contest
May 20 – Blue Beavers: First Aid demonstrations & refresher
May 27 – Roadrunners: Fire building
June 3 – Flying Eagles: Identifying plants
June 10 – POR elections
June 17 – No meeting (Summer Camp)
June 24 – Rattlesnakes: Camp gadgets, how to build different camp gadgets
Allen Powell

Chinnabbe Silent Trail Backpacking Trip

Another great backpacking trip this weekend! I have attached a few of the many pictures we took. I tried to shrink the size so in total they are under 1MB so as to make it through email. I hope the quality is still okay. The last picture is of a plaque at the end of the Chinnabbe Silent trail that tells about the trail construction by BSA troop 29.

Many thanks to Dr. Leonard for planning and leading this past weekend’s trip. The route was a perfect length and by starting at a high point near the top of Cheaha Mtn, the hiking was mostly downhill. The weather was great Fri night and Saturday. On Sat morning, we were on top of Mt. Cheaha and had a great views along the trail from several rock outcroppings including McDill Point. See the attached first few photos. The first one looks like the boys are sitting right on the edge, but to put everyone’s mind at rest, I took a couple more photos (see next two) so you can see they were not really on the edge :-) We are always careful and Dr. Leonard and I were drill sergeants when it came to safety.

By Saturday afternoon, after 8 miles on the trail that day, we were ready for downtime. We had a great campsite Sat night at the intersections of two rivers, just below a waterfall. We had plenty of water close to camp and were able to play around in the ice cold water that afternoon as the air temp went above 70 degrees. The water felt great after a long day of hiking and the clear sky and moderate temps made that evening around the campfire perfect.

Rain started early Sunday morning around 4am and by 6:30am we were in the middle of a pretty good soaker. The rain continued but finally let up a little around 8am and we decided to pack up in the lighter rain and hit the trail. We had a slightly tricky water crossing right off the bat (see pics) but after that we had a fairly easy final 3 miles out. After a stop in Oxford for lunch, we arrived back at AAA at 2pm yesterday.

This was a great trip to test a scout’s preparedness. We had a little of everything on this trip. We started with a mile of night hiking (headlamp). We had heat during the day (hydration and having enough water and a way to purify it). We had pretty cool temps at night and during rain (lightweight second layer of clothing). We had rain (waterproof tents and tarps as well as rain gear and backpack covers) and we had rocks, mud and water crossings on the trail (good boots that are waterproofed).

Packing up in the rain is no fun. I hope all the scouts emptied their backpacks as soon as they got home Sunday afternoon and set out their wet tents, rainflys and anything else that was wet and put wet and muddy clothes in the washer. You don’t want your equipment and clothes to get ruined!

Thanks again to Jeff Leonard for leading and to ASM Jeremy Anderson for assisting. Good trip.

Allen Powell
SM T96















Troop 96 Adults Win Awards

I wanted to let the Troop 96 family know about awards several of our adults received last week at the annual Vulcan District Adult Leader Recognition Banquet. Here they are:

Alan Davis – Boy Scout Leader Training Award

Wilburn Odom – Boy Scout Leader Training Award

Mike Anderton – Vulcan District Award of Merit

A word about Mike’s award. The Vulcan District Award of Merit is the highest award our District bestows. Our district is only allowed to give 3 of these awards per year. The award is presented to adults who not only display leadership and service within their units (troops, packs, crews) but also provide significant service to the District overall which serves over 50 units located in Homewood, Hoover, Mountain Brook and Vestavia. Mike has been very active not only with T96 but also with the Council (he is on the Board of Directors) but also with the District, specifically with regard to being the Chairman in charge of overall Youth Protection efforts and enforcement, but also as the leader of a monthly Eagle Board of Review panel. Past T96 winners of the Vulcan District Aware of Merit include Everett Holle, Paul Anderton (Mike’s dad), Roger Etherington, Loring Jones III, and Keith Sides. Congratulations Mike!! This is a well deserved honor.

Please join me in congratulating the men on these awards which recognize their service to the youth of our Troop and Vulcan District!

Allen Powell


There was one additional adult award that Allen omitted from his list:

Allen Powell – Scoutmaster’s Key  (for 3+ years of outstanding service as Scoutmaster for T-96)

The Troop was also recognized with a 100% Boy’s Life Unit award.

Roger Etherington


20-Mile Hike Canceled

This is to advise that the 20-Mile hike scheduled for Saturday, Feb 1, 2014 has been cancelled due to lack of planned participation. We will look to reschedule sometime in March.

Allen Powell

Dec 17th meeting

I know our Scouts are in the middle of Semester Exams this week. Therefore, the Dec 17th meeting will be kept short. We will be totally finished and closing the door to go home at 8:30pm. So please plan to pick up your scout early.

Here is what is on tap:
1) Drop off Christmas gifts for needy families (See Margaret Anderton’s email)
2) Sign up for Jan cold weather trip & short talk on waterproofing
3) Individual Patrols will elect Patrol Leaders

My goal is to be going to circle no later than 8:15pm.

See you Tuesday night. This is our last scout meeting of 2013! We resume Tue, Jan 7th.

Allen Powell

Tree Lot Shifts 2013

The below document lists all of Troop 96′s tree lot shifts for 2013.

Download (PDF, 578KB)

Trip Plans for 2014 Now Available

The preliminary 2014 Trip Schedule, along with the schedule of prior years including what is left in 2013, is attached to this post. You can see we still need some Adults to lead trips. Let me know if you want to volunteer.

To clarify, the dates for 2014 are primarily placeholders generally set for the third weekend of the month. As of right now the Summer Camp and Sea Base dates are firm. All other dates may change depending on the calendar and other significant conflicts. For instance, the April date will change because that is the weekend of Easter. The goal is to first firm up the trip and adult leader as soon as possible and then we will settle on dates as I work with the adult trip leader. Hope this helps. We will do this as soon as possible as I know you all want to have as much notice as possible to help you plan.


Allen Powell

Troop 96 Trip Planning 2014 (.pdf)

Troop 96 Philmont Crew visits USAFA

The T96-at-Air-Force-Academy-6-23-13Troop 96 Philmont contingent arrived in Colorado Springs this afternoon (June 23rd). Part of their itinerary included a visit to the Air Force Academy where they were greeted by Cadet First Class (and Troop 96 Eagle Scout) Martin Snook at the Chapel.

Randal Snook

Parents meeting on BSA policy change; POR election results

From Scoutmaster Powell:

1)   Parents meeting:

Thank you to all the parents who attended the meeting on June 4th to discuss the BSA membership standards change which takes effect Jan 1, 2014. I want to thank Troop Committee Chair Mike Anderton for leading the meeting. I thought the discussion was constructive and hopefully we delivered information that was helpful.

As was conveyed last night, our Charter Organization is not going to de-charter Troop 96 as a result of the upcoming membership change. Additionally, since the policy does not take effect until Jan 1, 2014, really nothing changes this year. Over the coming months the Troop Committee will be meeting on this subject and will offer further information resulting from these meetings.

For now, it is full steam ahead helping boys become men, exposing boys to the wonderful outdoors that God has created and providing the opportunity for Scouts to advance to the rank of Eagle.

Thank you again for entrusting your boys to us at Troop 96. We take this responsibility very seriously.

And finally, thank you to all the ASMs who help our scouts and me every week in so many ways. I could not do it without you!

2)   POR election results:

Congratulations to the following Scouts who were elected to Troop-level PORs last night. Their term runs July 1, 2013 – Dec 31, 2013.

Senior Patrol Leader – Aaron Davis

Asst Senior Patrol Leader – J.D. Vaughn

Chaplain’s Aide – Reid Hodges

Quartermaster – Elijah Leonard

Scribe – Davis Stevens

Historian – Wade Herren

Librarian – Sam Landers

Bugler – Andrew Dunlap

If other Scouts need PORs for advancement, see me at the next meeting. We will elect Patrol Leaders on Tue, June 18th and there are also a few Scoutmaster appointed PORs.

Off to Summer Camp this Sunday!

Allen Powell


Troop 96 This Week

Reminders for this week:

1) Parents meeting at 6:30pm Tue night (June 4th), at the normal scout meeting location (but meet in the Church Sanctuary) – Topic is the new Scout membership standard that takes effect Jan 1, 2014.

2) Meeting for Parents of Scouts going to Summer Camp at 7:30pm Tue night following the 6:30 parents meeting. This meeting will last approx 20 minutes and will run concurrently with the regular Scout meeting.

3) Troop level Position of Responsibility (POR) elections at the regular meeting Tue night. If you are running, come prepared with a speech and be in full class A uniform. Scouts not in Class A uniform will not be allowed to run. You can sign up to run for a maximum of three positions. Our SPL and ASPL will run the elections.

4) We leave for Summer camp Sunday, June 9th.

Allen Powell